The outline of paradise (installation)


Installation view at the Hybris Exhibition at ACC Weimar
Detail – culture items for breeding chironomid midges

Non-biting midges (chironomidae) are bred in an aquarium. Inside the aquarium mosquito eggs and larvae swim in sand and water. They are ventilated and supplied with abundant artificial daylight. The choice of midges (Chironomus Riparius, a laboratory strain) allows for captive breeding.

Aquauarium, Ipad with video from military airshows flying in loops
Looping airplanes behind swarming midges

Pink elephants for Hollywood
  • The scientific paper

For a performance I invited Christina Meissner  to improvise on the theme of the wingbeat sound. We could experience that the tracks of the midges were visibly influenced especially by dark plucking sounds.

  • "the outline of paradise" - view into the soundbox
The work at Hybris Exhibition Halle 14 Leipzig, Photo: Claus Bach
The work at Hybris Exhibition Halle 14 Leipzig, Photo: Claus Bach

This setting allows to find out how swarms develop and how they can be influenced. This installation follows “sustaibable luminosity” and explores the possibilities to train migdes and to  pass this behaviour to the next generations

Work at Halle14, Leipzig

Concept: Ursula Damm
Artistic + scientific consultation: Dr. Klaus Fritze
Cello, Sounds: Christina Meissner
Programming: Sebastian Stang